Sunday, July 3, 2016

Every Single Second

Every Single Second

By Tricia Springstubb

I am so excited! I am now in an advanced reviewer bookclub, where I get free books that haven't even been released yet!( Either that or they're brand new!) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! This is one of those books so you may or may not have heard of it and it's okay if you haven't because this book was just published on 6/7/16.

I loved this book because it fits perfectly into my favorites category: Sad books with happy endings. Okay, so in this book, 12 year old Nella's life is changing. And fast. Clem, her best friend, isn't worried about it. She's too busy figuring out how to spend the leap second, which is an extra second added to the world clock. She needs to talk to Angela, her secret sister, but they aren't on speaking terms right now. Then Angela's brother, Anthony, makes a terrible mistake. One that could land him in jail for up to 15 years. Soon, Angela's situation becomes dangerous, and Nella must choose whether to help, or watch as her secret sister's family falls apart.

 I loved everything about this book right up to the very end. I think that the author developed very good characters. My favorite was Nonnie. She is Nella's great-grandmother. I liked how rebellious and funny she is. I also liked how she always has Jolly Ranchers and Laffy Taffy. I want a grandma like that! I also liked Anthony. I like how loyal he is to Angela. He is the only thing she has because their father is so mean, and he would do anything for her. Even break the law. I also liked how realistic this book was. I thought it was realistic that all of the problems didn't get solved at the end. Instead it gives you hope that things will get better and that is a happy ending.

 In this book, there are 3 types of chapters: Now, Then, and What Jeptha A. Stone would say if only he could. my favorite is the last. My favorite chapter in the book ( a Jeptha A. Stone)  is below.

Time creeps.

Time sprints.

Time leaps.

Time stumbles.

My bird has flown away.

Now and then, time stands still.


" A single second. That's all it takes to turn a world upside down."

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