Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Matchstick Castle

The Matchstick Castle

By Keir Graff 

This is a really good book, even if it's not on my favorites list. It's about a boy named Brian who is sent to Boring, Illinois, (Yes, it really does exist!), to stay with his aunt and uncle while his dad gets the once in a lifetime chance to go to the South Pole. And, even worse, his uncle makes him do a "fun" summer school program called " Summer'sCool" along with his cousin Nora. When the two of them get into a fight, Nora chases Brian into the woods, where they find a huge, strange castle that is going to be destroyed. Can they save the Matchstick Castle, and can Brian and his uncle seal the gap between them?

My favorite character is Uncle Kingsley, one of the residents of the Matchstick Castle. I like him because of his adventerous spirit,and great sense of humor. I also like Dashiell the famous explorer, for obvious reasons. ( Once you read the book!)

this was a really good book, and I recommend it to anyone over third grade. You should read this book. Bye!




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