Saturday, May 21, 2016

So B. It

So B. It

By: Sarah Weeks

The first book of the day is So B. It, By Sarah Weeks.This is one of my favorite books ever, which you already know, and could probably tell from my blog title even if you didn't. It fits into the category of sad books with happy endings. It's about a curious girl named Heidi who wants to know who she is. Her mother is mentally disabled,and her neighbor Bernadette has taken care of them for as long as Heidi can remember.She doesn't even know her mother's name. So one day she decides to go find out. Something that I thought was very clever about this book was that Heidi's mother knows only 23 words. The reason I think this is clever is that there are also 23 chapters of the book, and each of the chapters are named after one of the words that she knows. Here are the names of the chapters:
  1. Heidi
  2. Dette
  3. Hello
  4. Soof
  5. Shh
  6. Tea 
  7. Out 
  8. More
  9. Back Soon
  10. Go
  11. Good
  12. Again
  13. Blue
  14. Pretty
  15. Now
  16. Hot
  17. Kiss
  18. Bad
  19. No
  20. Uh-Oh
  21. Ow
  22. Done
  23. So B. It


" There are some things in life a person just can't know."