Monday, June 27, 2016



By Francine Prose

When "Miracle Boy" Bart Rangely's father is killed when the north tower falls in 9/11 , he is granted a mercy scholarship to a private school. Thus begins the worst year of his life. He has dark secrets, sadness, fear, and love to carry on his back, and this school year is a short one. Surprisingly enough this book is one of the saddest book I have ever read. It actually made me cry, and not a lot of books do that. I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, loved this book and hope that whoever is reading this page reads it.


" Nothing happens. Nothing happens. Then everything happens."

Choose Your Days

Choose Your Days

By Paula S. Wallace

This book is a picture book ( Am I allowed to put picture books on here?) , but it is definitely on my favorites list. When Corky is born, Old Bear givs her the key to her life. She is also given two lists. One for dreams, and another for things to do.She grows older and goes to Old Bear to have a little more time "for things undone, for play postponed, for songs unsung.", and Old Bear reminds that she holds the key. Finally she is ready. 


"Go to the dark cottage. Unlock the door. Do not be afraid. I will wait for you there."

Line of Fire: Diary of an Unknown Soldier

Line of Fire

Diary of an Unknown Soldier

Found (Not Written!) By Barroux

This book is a graphic novel, but I absolutely loved it, and this new edition to my favorites list just had to go on my blog. What I really find amazing about this book is that some random guy, (Barroux!), was walking down the street and found this amazing diary of a soldier from WW1. This book would never have made it onto my favorites list were it not for the last words: "Sometimes, I wish I had just stayed in the line of fire."


"Sometimes, I wish I had just stayed in the line of fire."