Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lost In The Sun By Lisa Graff

Lost in the Sun

By Lisa Graff

This book is so awesome. It's about a boy named Trent who has killed a man. When he was in fifth grade, he was playing hockey with his friends out on Cedar Lake, when he accidentally hit a boy named Jared Richards in the chest with a hockey puck. Well, it turned out that Jared had a rare heart defect that the doctors didn't know about. Who knew that one hockey puck could kill a man. Now, convinced that the town hates him, and going into sixth grade, Trent has even more problems to worry about. His parents are divorced, he has no friends, and his father hates him. Then he meets Fallon and everything changes. Fallon is a mystery to everyone around her. She has a huge scar across her face, and she always makes up stories about where it came from. For example, the infamous typewriter incident, or the one with the frisbee. The book is called lost in the sun because it is a baseball thing, like when the pitcher can't see the ball because it is "lost in the sun". You do not have to be a baseball fan to like this book. Trent is a baseball fan though, thus the baseball phrase.

My favorite character is Fallon, because she is so open to the world. She wears crazy clothes, is a complete baseball freak, and is a complete mystery, even to me.I recommend this book to fifth grade and up. It is awesome and I hope you read it too.

"When you do choose to speak, speak truths."


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